If you were to make a game…

If I made a game, it’d have/be:

  • No ads
    • until the userbase is large enough then run 1x ad on startup and that’s it.
    • Any further ads deducts from the game experience
  • Free-to-play
    • No, not “Free to play” garbage where you buy gem packs or other premium currency
    • Just Free to play
  • A tower defense game
    • It shouldn’t be monotonous
    • It should be challenging
    • It should have a puzzle/thoughtful element to it
    • There should be a “elements” e.g. ice, poison, lightning or “races”
    • It should be fun – enable the player to experiment, encourage the player to experiment, try new races, elements, new configurations
  • Replay value
    • Make the player want to come back again
    • Implement a progression/talent system to warrant additional plays
    • Introduce an upgrade system, provide loot/gear to upgrade towers, increase damage, increase passive abilities

There’s a lot to include, but the basics are there.

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