No BS: re.findall(pattern, string) is a powerful tool that will find all matches of a particular pattern in a string. This could be used to produce a list of email addresses, IP addresses, post codes. An example would be

s = ' lorem ipsum adipiscing elit. Vestibulum'

emails = re.findall(r'[\w_.-]+@[\w_.-]+',s)


With BS: re.findall(pattern, string) takes two inputs:


  • This provides the particular combination of characters/letters/numbers etc. that we want to look for
  • \w indicates word characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) so this is used quite frequently
  • We can also include specific characters by typing them in normally e.g. ‘@’
  • [x y z] indicates that we would like to look for a combination of x OR y OR z.
  • + indicates that there is at least 1 character to look for.


  • The string that we want Python to search through to find a match.
  • Equally as much this could be a text file.

unlike re.match(pattern, string) this will attempt to find all the matches and return them in a list. re.match(pattern, string) on the other hand will only return the very first match it finds. Once found it will stop iterating and move onto the next line of code.

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