Binary Search Algorithm

No BS: It is important to try and implement known ‘easy’ algorithms as it provides practice on working towards trickier algorithms, as well as translating human instructions into a usable program. With BS: Working through Exercise 20 of, you are tasked to implement the Binary Search Algorithm for a sorted list of numerical integers, […]

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For reference, I’m not keen on articles and journals and videos that take 10 minutes to get to the punchline or fact that they roped you in for. I’ll preface pretty much all of my posts with a TLDR, and then if you want to read more I’ll post that underneath.   I’ve always fantasized […]

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If you were to make a game…

If I made a game, it’d have/be: No ads until the userbase is large enough then run 1x ad on startup and that’s it. Any further ads deducts from the game experience Free-to-play No, not “Free to play” garbage where you buy gem packs or other premium currency Just Free to play A tower defense […]

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